a musical bio should be a highlight reel, maybe not a longhand version of your Discogs visibility.

Don’t available with “John’s passion for music going as he read X band from the broadcast the very first time…” 99per cent of bios need an equivalent opening sentence.

Refrain very long laundry listings of brands, locations, record labeling or festivals within phrases. More people will eventually lose interest because of the fourth or fifth name, therefore best range from the the majority of related your.

Never miss the enchantment check. Examine and double-check that all proper nouns (labels men and women, record labeling, mags etc.) are spelled and formatted correctly.

CHRISTOPHER CARGNELLO — composer and songwriter


Christopher Cargnello is actually an author, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He’s toured the whole world, written songs for television and topped the Quebec charts together with his group Skinny Bros. He’s already been chosen to write several bios for other musicians.

Christopher’s DOs

Concentrate on profession accomplishment over telling your own backstory.

Discover (and rehearse) proper lingo. It seems terrible whenever a musician gets these terms and conditions incorrect within bio. Moreover it looks embarrassing when an up-and-coming artist writes they “performed with” an extremely large work when in reality they just done at the same festival–maybe also on a single phase, but much earlier in the day.

Below are a few terminology secrets:

  • “Shared the level with” ways you had been a beginning operate. Often in an one off circumstances (in place of touring with individuals since their opening act).
  • “Performed with” methods you were on-stage with that musician as they performed, usually within their musical organization, or as a highlighted musician in their tv show.
  • “Compose” translates to you published the important percentage of a song.
  • “Write” results in which you typed the words.
  • If you’re talking about rap and electronic audio, “produce” ways you had been simply the “beat-maker”—the individual who created the important track. However, if you’re speaing frankly about nation, people, stone, and other types more natural audio, “produce” ways you were the record producer—more of a creative management during a recording program.
  • Today the expression “composer” generally relates to a person who writes songs for television and movies.
  • The term “songwriter” normally means somebody who writes pop tracks that contain lyrics and instrumental musical accompaniment.

Prepare yourself to change the shit out of your bio. Particularly if you bring quite a few success.

Reduce or pull some specifics to manufacture room for other people.

When the record becomes also long—especially with touring locations—lump them along in geographic parts. If you had performances in the United States, Guadeloupe, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand… merely declare that your “toured throughout the U . S ., the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.”

State something that you are currently undertaking! Even although you don’t bring a great deal happening right now, it’s safer to state “Max is currently working on brand new, earliest product” rather than say nothing anyway.

Christopher’s DON’Ts

do not create bios being too-long. If it’s for a prize ceremony or an event web page, give them 1-2 sentences, around 200 terms. If it’s for industry visitors, have everything into 3-4 sentences—under 400 words.

You want your own music bio is compelling. Use interesting and remarkable specifics, perhaps not smart text, to make up the almost all your bio.

A small amount of achievements printed in a factual, confident way reads a lot better than a fat list of hyperboles.

do not try to stretch an inches into a distance and make they sound like you have toured worldwide and recorded collectively essential individual within the last decade. A small amount of accomplishments written in a factual, positive means reads way better than a bloated listing of hyperboles.

do not create each and every event you’ve starred at. It’s better to just discuss a few. Like: “Camille try a true veteran with the Canadian event circuit, having performed at dozens from coast to coast, including Halifax Jazz Fest, Francofolies in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver people Fests.”

5. Where you should Put Your Audio Biography

Now that you’ve got a killer bio it is time to ensure they strikes homes.

Here you will find the places you ought to put it:

  • Their singer site and/or electronic push equipment (EPK)
  • Your own social media marketing pages (myspace, Resident consultant, Instagram, etc.)
  • Your streaming pages (SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify*, Apple Music*, etc.)

*You may need to need access or become verified to edit these.

Don’t forget to ensure that you ensure that it stays up-to-date!

6. Have motivated If you’re still having problems, read great musical bios to get encouraged.

Pay close attention to what’s a part of each biography and how it is authored (preferences, grammar, etc.). Will it allow you to wish to pay attention to an artist’s tunes? Does the build compliment the artist’s graphics and audio? That’s what you need to aim for.

Below are a few areas to look for fantastic musical bios:

Your Biography is vital

Composing a drum-tight songs bio is paramount component of a songs marketing campaign.

Their biography is the tool which will have reporters, festival-goers and future lovers intrigued by you. It’s the manner in which you express your own image and sounds to everyone before they also hit gamble.

Words have power—the power to have more visitors to appear see your tv series and hear their musical.

Make every effort to help make your musical biography unique, keep it short and spell check!

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