You deserve compensation.

If you were in a car accident in Houston or in any city in the State of Texas, then you may have already learned that the insurance companies are not your friends.


When Samantha was hit by an 18-wheeler this happened. Working on this case required a knowledge of X, Y, and Z.

The verdict at the end of this case was $17,000.


When Audrey was hit by an 18-wheeler this happend. Working on this case required a knowledge of X, Y, and Z.

Audrey was able to buy a new car and pay for all of her medical expenses.


When david fell at work…
Working on this case required a knowledge of X, Y and Z.

David was able to afford Christmas gifts.

Strickland Law Firm

Criminal defense lawyers in Houston come a dime a dozen. So why choose
Strickland Law Firm ?

Our clients hire us as their criminal defense lawyers because we truly care about the outcomes that we’re able to get in court for our clients.

Our clients are facing dire situations and need someone to fight for them. We practice great care when undertaking a case to ensure that each person receives the respect, discretion and vigorous defense they deserve. We know that legal matters don’t impact just the defendant and the defendant’s ability to go to work and get a high-paying job or be considered for dream opportunities, but they also impact the defendant’s family.

When we take on a criminal defense case, we see humans who’ve made mistakes and need a chance to redeem themselves.

When you choose Strickland Law Firm as your criminal defense lawyers, we will work hard to make sure that you are heard not only in the court, but in our office because you will be part of our family.

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