The line guy’s advice: specialist claiming to be effective for efforts Warner cable tv was asking all on Reddit

Anyone saying being a period Warner Cable technician is actually spilling advice on Reddit.

Energy Warner cable tv, the second-largest carrier of TV and online sites in the United States, assured crystal that it really is considering the posts. “We’re unable to examine when this people is actually an existing or past worker,” a spokesman claimed.

Reddit consumer cableguy_the began an “Ask myself things” (AMA) thread, thread pics of their ID logo and uniform as proposed proof of his own task. His answers to the points coming in are really genuine. Here are a few stresses (typos maintained).

On Comcast’s pending exchange of your energy Warner wire:

We want the merger because the recent party accountable would be the most harmful recently history. Lots of people getting dismissed as a result of impossible performance metrics. Many of the power might presented to careers repetitions and removed from people that truly look at the housing and fix damage . It’s in pretty bad shape and the corporation is being owned like dump IMHO [in my simple advice].

Regarding hassle between specialists and client care reps:

Yea service staff and technicians were combat a fight that no body sees. Most of us dislike them, they dread united states. They determine users the issue is the gear once it almost never try. Most of us inform clientele to only neglect the particular man to the phone states because it’s likely that good, he has never ever bound property, hung a drop or corrected cable tv.

On what’s actually incorrect with all your connections:

dont believe 50per cent of just what the associate to the phone notifies you on. Simply set up the technical. Allow him get the job done. He’s done this in the past. The rep simply suggestions mobile phones. it is almost NEVER the device resulting in the concern.

About trick to obtain greater services:

Whenever a tech comes ,ask for their managers quantity. Make sure he understands it isn’t to lose him but to rise a major issue. He might label their sup to make certain the cool but which will help.

On what’s avoiding much faster internet Alexandria escort sites downloading rates:

Really, standard analog wire. It only takes all the way up sooo a great deal data transfer . 1 network per volume vs connecting several frequencies to supply 8 networks for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Once we proceed 100percent digital tv.. Web are certain to get much faster. In addition congestion. If you are living around a college it’s the worst . Grandmother would use her 15 meg for email and surfing but young Johnny school child sucks down the bandwidth in your neighborhood making use of netflix and torrenting and games. So far the two pay out only one. IMHO what can mend this can be capping information and offering anyone uncapped pace.

On the reasons why splitting the cable tv link is a terrible idea:

Putting in a splitter just to attenuate the indicate certainly foolish all of us already have situations called attenuators which do this without adding unwanted splitter. But it is true that extra indicator can be just as bad as not enough we call that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will surely cost him their career:

I might staying dismissed subject to just who captures me personally. I might also get a bonus its so difficult to share making use of technique this manufacturer is presently structured.

As to how Wi-Fi indicators are generally unreliable, and that can getting vanquished by opportunities and areas:

Certainly best shown. Plaster walls specifically.Solid timber side, in a basement after network router is found on next surface or the other way around. Wireless is a fickle monster.

In your “broken” cable modem:

Yea I listen to this a whole lot. I might state in confirmed yr I would personally declare 5percent with the modems I switched were actually faulty. Most of us does plenty of pup and pony show and merely change they at any rate. The issue is almost always perhaps not merchandise appropriate. Modems either operate or these people don’t. There does exist very little between. They have been rather easy equipment. You will find tv series subscribers making use of my own personal notebook almost everything performing perfectly, then alter back to her devices and each and every thing goes toward shit. The two nonetheless demand another modem..Its insanity.

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