Capture John in Biloela this June. Capital increase for Queensland’s primary producers with $20m loan strategy extension

Mortgage attributes

Loan amount

Optimum of $100,000

Mortgage phase

Monthly Payments

If needed, up to a couple of years interest just is readily available.


A loan in program ought to be guaranteed by a mortgage of land as well as other property satisfactory to QRIDA.


No business charges, no account repair charges without costs for early payment.

Just what support exists?

Concessional debts are supplied to assist you with crucial working capital for expenditures eg:

Apply now

Find the suggestions and application form to use right here. If you’d like help finishing your application be sure to contact QRIDA.

Defined catastrophe places

The Minister for flames and crisis providers has triggered catastrophe assistance for

To be entitled to aid your home must be based in one of several identified disaster segments:

QRIDA administers financial help to disaster impacted major manufacturers, organizations and non-profit organizations according to the joint Commonwealth / Queensland authorities financed catastrophe healing resource plans 2018.


Freecall 1800 623 946 for help with your loan software. As an alternative, your own accountant, bank or economic or company advisor can be capable benefit the application furthermore.

Yes, in case your insurance rates state has been delayed, you can easily sign up for financing to reinstate your online business before their state is finalised. Or no expenses included in the loan become afterwards recovered from insurance policies, QRIDA will need these amount feel paid back to your financing.

You may be not able to state alike drive damage costs under both Grant design therefore the Loan plan. But in the event the spending have surpassed the total amount of aid offered beneath the Grant system, then you can certainly seek mortgage support for costs that were not covered by the give.

An emergency Aid financing as high as $250,000 can be found to aid major production people who have practiced immediate damage due to the disaster occasion. This financing could be used to invest in repair and reinstatement charges for your business, and also to see regular running expenditures that the organization is incapable of fulfill as a result of the impact on the disaster event (example. rental payments, house rate, creditors).

An Essential working-capital (EWC) mortgage of up to $100,000 is available to aid biggest manufacturing people who have perhaps not skilled direct damageas a result of the catastrophe online payday loans in UT occasion but I have experienced a negative impact on their normal company cashflow and tend to be subsequently struggling to see regular running spending (for example. rental repayments, belongings rates, earnings, lenders). Eg, a primary generation businesses might be eligible for an EWC mortgage if their own facilities weren’t physically relying on the disaster celebration though the company experienced a significant reduction in income for the disaster stage. The organization is almost certainly not able to see normal operating expenditures within its established credit score rating limitations. These needs in addition to your existing credit score rating limitations could be came across by the EWC loan.

To provide ideal possibility of achievements, QRIDA has to comprehend the historical show of the businesses, your present place and your plan going forward. Without this information, QRIDA would be not able to discover the level of aid you need and your prospects of going back to a viable company because of the aid given.

Paid off revenue is certainly not an eligible factor under either the problem services financing or even the Essential Working Capital Loan. When you shouldn’t be compensated for reduction in earnings under this design, if you’re incapable of meet core running expenses as a result of the results of disaster celebration then you’re in a position to find mortgage assist with account their working-capital requirement beyond your current credit restrictions.

Exceptional catastrophe support Loans, catastrophe Assistance debts or Extraordinary Bushfire services financing are around for the principal manufacturing company entity and not to each and every farm creating the business.

First of all, QRIDA analyzes applications according to the potential viability regarding the businesses with the aid provided. Protection may be the next factor. Ideally security is available over landed property, however, security over other companies assets might acceptable.

Yes, the cashflow funds theme given by QRIDA is certainly not required. For those who have your own cashflow budget theme then you’re capable offer this to QRIDA in your application for the loan. However, take note that an itemised month-to-month cashflow is for all applications, ideally in an economic 12 months (July to June) format.

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